#livewithrollis Podcast

Building an Audience and LinkedIN Profile

February 15, 2021 Rollis Fontenot III Season 1 Episode 10
#livewithrollis Podcast
Building an Audience and LinkedIN Profile
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In this episode, I discuss  how to build an audience and LinkedIN profile.

I  also talk about our different daily shows - The Live with Rollis, Leah and Noelle

The shows that opened up a lot of opportunities for us in terms of speaking gigs, client leads.

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Rollis Fontenot III:

One of the things I want to talk about today was building an audience. And there's some things I've learned over the past year plus. And it's been it's been humbling in some games but always was very enlightening and we've actually been able to produce three different shows consistently, and it's gonna be the live with Rollis that's live with Leah and live with Noel, and we get 1000s of views per week on that. It's actually opened up a lot of opportunities for us in terms of speaking gigs client leads, it's it's opened up a lot of different things so hopefully it can do the same for you. And we're looking at really showing in the near future showing recruiters recruitment departments HR departments, how they can really leverage live streaming into their recruitment strategy which is what we're starting to do now we've actually been toying with it. And this is the wave of the future. So, what is your goal, like if you were to do live stream. What would be your goal right now. And what would you want to accomplish with your live stream. Are you looking to just kind of build more credibility. Are you looking to build more influence in your particular industry. Could it be that you're looking to create some leads get some more candidates coming in, more interested candidates. Could it be that you are just looking to make deeper connections with people on the LinkedIn space so those are all considerations that you may have in building your your LinkedIn profile in your audience. One of the things that, you know, when I What have you done a one man show or one woman show. There's a lot of different hats, you're going to want to have to do. And I have learned that it's a lot easier if you have some other folks that are kind of jumping in and helping you with some areas where you may not be as strong so I would love to hear from you. As far as what are your goals. What are you looking to do is it grabbed your attention, out of that list that you kind of would want to build on or talk about, I want to definitely, definitely want to be open to that. So let me bring up on the screen what I've got for today. In terms of the live streaming. Also do let my forgot to let my, the folks in my event know that I'm live so let me just quickly do that. Totally forgot about that. And let me bring this up on the screen while I'm doing that. One of the things when I was getting coached on the live streaming. And I know Jonathan you, Jonathan Palmer he's actually helped me quite a bit in my live streaming. So my ideas. And one of the things that we were kicking around is finding out what your audience wants to see right. And how do you do that. Well, obviously you could do it through one of your posts, but you can also just connect directly people you know people who you know and trust and see what their thoughts are, what is it that they're looking for what would it help what would help them in their journey. And then once you do that you're able to kind of start building a small following so what ended up doing is actually creating a message chat to show appreciation for those who have watched so many of my lives and been involved with so many of my lives, to kind of get them involved, and kind of get some of their ideas and you'll find some of your best ideas will actually come from your audience. So that's one thing I do want to definitely put out to you here, let me just go ahead and drop the link and since I am live. There's a few folks who probably didn't get the notification so let me just do that right now. And then also, I'm going to go into the event itself.

Yeah. Yeah, I agree. There's actually a, a guy I met through clubhouse another guy, and he says, Rollis. Your, your base your clients, they have LinkedIn profiles, but they're not spending time there they're really on Facebook right now. They're on Facebook, checking the kids checking the grandkids they're, you know they're they're checking their, you know whatever the latest political news or whatever they're on that, every day, spending time there. And they're on LinkedIn to a limited degree so he's, he's, he's advising me to create some lead forms on Facebook. And, and using that as a tool to bring them to my website, of course, once I bring them the website that I can also remarket them back on LinkedIn. I can remarket to them to go back to my website and all that so No. Have you heard anything like that reason that's one thing I heard one of my guys was. Give me some advice.

Not a lot, but just one thing I want to clarify, about one of things you just said. You don't have to pick just one or two or three titles, you can literally it actually prompts you, you could have literally dozens of titles in there. So you don't feel like you have to be stuck to one and in the app form I have, I have some campaigns that probably have around 50 titles and so they if they hit any one of those 50 titles, it picks them up. And I can also pick the size of the company as well. Now going to your YouTube thing, I have not done a whole lot with YouTube we have done so we don't like the table back, we've actually done a lot with YouTube when it comes to getting candidates. But as far as clients we haven't used it. Now for candidates, yes we use YouTube a lot. It's probably one of the best places to show videos, not only YouTube but also the display the display platform that that Google has is amazing because they have like over a million websites in their ecosystem in the United States. And so you can make your video knowledge show on YouTube on virtually any site that's in the Google Ads platform. And because they can resize it to different sizes. You can get all kinds of distribution on your video so we've done that for for getting nurses nurses have worked really hard to recruit and catch and fine. So we find ways to push it out to them on their mobile phones or they could pull that down and watch it. And if they watch it long enough with them if they click on our link, we're able to remark it to them again. was going back to LinkedIn titles. You know I did. I was doing some outreach to for connections. And one of the, one of the things that I wanted to reach was pension managers. And because pension fund managers are, you know, again, a big constituent element in fact, as a community that the biggest in my business so I want to reach them. I ended up getting a lot of HR people and benefits payments, because they have, because they have pension funds and manager in their titles. And so, I had a lot of people get very annoyed with me saying, quit spamming me. And so I'm a little bit gun shy, shall we say,

Yeah, no, I get that in, just to that point again I'm not a LinkedIn ads platform salesperson but you can go back and say I want to exclude these titles so you can say I want to exclude any titles that have the words HR in them, or things of that nature, you can, so you can have like a positive list and a negative list, and your positives would have. I want these things in them or instead of saying I want these things in the title, you could say I only want these exact titles. So those HR people, they probably have some kind of title that you can perhaps avoid totally and just leave them off your positive list, But if you do somehow catch them, or possibly could catch them. You can go in, there's a negative section, where if they have this title it automatically pulls them out of your reach. Yeah. Listen, this is kind of cool.

I'm always learning from you. So thanks. Well, same here, appreciate your time today. By the way, Jared said he had to jump out and Noel says it she says, have them hop over it she says it depends on your clientele but healthcare and HR heavily involved in Facebook create your own Facebook now okay you saw that already, but she says hop over, so she can hop over from the UK over to where she is on the East Coast I guess you can get you some food.

I think she was. I think that was in response to me asking if she was feeding a Seven Nation Army. And, and I think she was saying yeah you know, have them hop over so so big cooker big og amazing.

Well you know she's got she's got four kids and a husband so you know it takes a lot. Man, listen it's been good I'm gonna I'm gonna just about jump off here it's been a great session, thanks for coming on today yeah yeah bring life to the show today. I appreciate that, man. Thanks for the invitation, entrepreneur. No problem. Alright, see you soon.